Vikash Sharma

With a few days left for the second phase polls in Odisha, the BJP is going all guns blazing and not leaving any opportunity to take a dig at BJD and CM Naveen Patnaik. It was the turn of Union Home Minister Amit Shah who took potshots at BJD supremo and CM Naveen Patnaik while addressing a huge public meeting at Sorada in Ganjam district on Wednesday.

While addressing the public meeting, Shah said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi ensured everything to restore Odia pride. Be it the display of the Konark Sun temple wheel as the backdrop of the G20 meeting; the appointment of Droupadi Murmu as the President of India, and the release of a commemorative stamp and coin on the Paika rebellion, PM Modi has worked hard for the people of Odisha. PM Modi has a track record of works done in the last 10 years and a vision roadmap to take the country on the path of development in the next 25 years, he said.

‘Naveen Patnaik Government Tried To Stop Ram Utsav’

While addressing the public meeting at Sorada, Union Home Minister, Amit Shah said that the Congress government was delaying the issue of Ram Mandir for the last 70 years. But Prime Minister Narendra Modi conducted the Bhoomi Pujan and inaugurated the grand temple in 5 years.

“When the entire country was celebrating the Ram Lalla’s homecoming, the Naveen Patnaik government tried its best to prevent the people of the state from attending the celebrations through various means. Today, I want to tell Naveen Babu that the people of Odisha never forgive the person who stops the Ram Utsav,” said Shah.

Crackdown On Terrorists, Left Wing Extremism

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ensured the security of the country by ending terrorism and naxalism in the last 10 years. During the Congress rule, there were bomb blasts at regular intervals in the country, said the Union Home Minister.

“Be it surgical strike or airstrike, the PM Modi government ensured to give a befitting reply to the terrorists in Pakistan. Odisha was also affected by left-wing extremism along with Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The situation has completely reversed under PM Modi's leadership in the last 10 years,” said Shah.

'Add 2.5 Kg Rice Instead Of Giving Empty Bags'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is sending free rice to the poor across the country including Odisha. But Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik is misleading people by giving rice in a bag with his own image.

“Bags will be of no use, rather CM Naveen Patnaik should add 2.5 kg more rice so that it fills empty stomachs here and you get blessings. In his address, Shah said that there is no longer the need for Naveen Babu as BJP will form government here and there will be an Odia CM,” said Shah

Odisha CM Scared Of Ayushman Bharat

Be it pucca houses, cooking gas, drinking water or the Ayushman Bharat scheme, the people of Odisha are deprived of various schemes including the Rs 5 lakh health assistance. CM Naveen Patnaik thinks that his popularity will drop if Ayushman Bharat is implemented in Odisha, alleged Union Minister Amit Shah.

“From June 1, Naveen Babu is going and BJP will come to power. The people will get all medical assistance up to Rs 5 lakh here. Naveen Babu pushed Odisha 50 years back in the last 25 years. Look at Gujarat, Rajasthan or Madhya Pradesh, there is not a single village where there is no road. But in Odisha, there are 6412 villages that lack road connectivity. Vote for the BJP government, we will complete the road construction work in two years,” said Shah.

Odisha Farmers’ Income Low

The income of farmers in Odisha is low compared to other states as the paddy is sold at nominal rates. In Chhattisgarh, paddy is being procured at Rs 3100 per quintal.

Amit Shah Targets BJD Over Ratna Bhandar

The entire world bows down before Lord Jagannath but Naveen Patnaik is busy turning Puri into a tourist place. The state government destroyed temples and mutts for the Parikrama project, alleged the Union Home Minister.

“The devotees are facing problems as the four gates of Puri Jagannath temple are not being opened. I promise you that the day the BJP CM takes oath, all the gates of Puri Srimandir will be opened. Lord Jagannath’s idol is being insulted. I want to ask Naveen Babu where are the original keys of Ratna Bhandar? Who made the duplicate keys and whether they were used to open Ratna Bhandar? What happened to the investigation report? Whom the Naveen Babu’s government want to save?” questioned Shah.

According to Shah, there should be transparency in the affairs of Ratna Bhandar.

"I want to assure that the BJP will make the inquiry report public within 6 days after forming government in Odisha," he added.

Who Should Run The Government?

"People of Odisha chose Naveen Patnaik but whether he is running the government here? It is shameful that the government is being run by babus. If Naveen wanted to hand over responsibility to babus, he should have given to an Odia but why an outsider," questioned Amit Shah

“A lot of legendary personalities struggled for Odia literature and culture. Once the BJP government is formed, we will ensure that the Odia language survives for 1000 years,”he said

One Nation, One Ration Card

From Aska, thousands of youths from Odisha migrate to other parts of the country in search of livelihood. PM Narendra Modi has brought the One Nation, One Ration card. But Naveen Patnaik is not implementing it and the rice is being embezzled by officers.

Naveen Babu Opposed Over Unemployment, Lack Of Water And Electricity

Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik is facing opposition due to a lack of drinking water, electricity, roads, and employment opportunities, alleged Amit Shah. “For years, people voted for Naveen Patnaik. Give BJP 5 years, not a single youth from the state will have to move out in search of livelihood. The sugar mills have stopped due to a lack of irrigation. BJP will make irrigation facilities, and set up ethanol plants and sugar mills to strengthen the sugarcane growers here. Ganjam is the home district of CM Naveen Patnaik, but I want to ask him that whether a single factory has come up here? Has drinking water reached people along with irrigation facilities and cold storages? We promise to make Ganjam district the number one district in the country if voted to power,” Shah said.

According to Shah, CM Naveen Patnaik is not doing anything for the chit-fund-duped investors. Once the BJP comes to power, those who have looted the money will be taken to task within 18 months, he said.

Cash Voucher Of Rs 50,000

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that a cash voucher of Rs 50000 will be provided to women under Subhadra Yojana and they can use it to buy furniture, fan, and anything for the education of children.