Cassian Baliarsingh

A unique request to vote for PM Narendra Modi instead of giving wedding gifts by a bridegroom’s father in Sangareddy district of Telangana has stirred up quite a buzz. Instead of the regular gifts, the groom’s father requested all the guests to vote for PM Modi.

To top it all, he also printed his earnest request on the wedding card.

“A vote for PM Narendra Modi will be the best gift you can give,” read the invitation with a photograph of the Prime Minister on the card. The man has been identified as Nandikanti Narsimlu, a Modi fan, TOI reported.

Narsimlu and his wife Nandikanti Nirmala are getting their only son Sai Kumar married to a girl identified as Mahima Rani. Instead of the regular invitation card, the unique request has now become the talk of the town.

According to sources, Narsimlu is a wooden materials supplier for buildings construction. He hails from Arutla village in Kandi mandal of Sangareddy district in Telangana. As per reports in TOI, he chose to make the unique appeal out of regard for PM Modi.

“I got the idea first and my family asked me to go ahead,” Narsimlu told TOI as he went to distribute the wedding invitations.