Cassian Baliarsingh

It is not easy to leave a high-paying job in Microsoft UK and opt for farming in an Indian village. However, Abhinav Singh, a resident of Chilbila village in UP's Azamgarh district, made a significant life choice to venture into Gerbera farming in his native village.

His decision, driven by a desire to reconnect with his agricultural roots and create opportunities for the local community, has proven to be fruitful. After completing his education and working with Microsoft UK at a package of Rs 80 lakh, Abhinav returned to India in 2014, seeking a more fulfilling life surrounded by family and friends. He joined the Microsoft Gurgaon office.

But in 2016, Abhinav decided to quit his job altogether. He wanted to delve into the agricultural sector by using his ancestral land. The aim was to change the living conditions of farmers and support the vision that farming is a respectable profession.

In 2016, at the age of 31, he decided to specialise in Gerbera farming, a plant with perennial flowers highly sought after, especially during wedding seasons in Uttar Pradesh.

To ensure the success of his venture, Abhinav invested in a polyhouse spanning over 4,000 square meters in his village. He invested Rs 58,16,000 in it, out of which Rs 48 lakh was a bank loan and the rest personal savings.
His first harvest in February 2021 marked the beginning of a flourishing business.

Within just 1 year of the business, Abhinav's Gerbera cultivation achieves a monthly revenue of Rs 1.5 lakh, and also provides livelihoods to 100 individuals in various roles such as farming, packaging, transportation, and sales.

By sourcing Gerbera plants locally and ensuring their freshness, Abhinav has created a sustainable business model that benefits both him and his community. Abhinav aims to inspire fellow farmers, emphasising the importance of local farming and community development.

“I may be making less than what I was earning with my job, but the happiness of generating livelihood for others, doing something unique in my hometown and also staying with my family - these can’t be replaced by huge money and luxurious life,” Abhinav says.