Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

A wedding is a lifetime event that unites two individuals as well as their families. Making all the arrangements for the wedding precisely are certainly a tedious job. Moreover, it is a matter of prestige for both families and everyone hopes to witness the wedding without any hurdles.

However, troubles unexpectedly pop up at wedding events. In worst cases, marriages get called off. While sometimes the reasons are reasonable, others are weird.

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Recently such a bizarre incident has been reported in Uttar Pradesh where a youth called off the marriage on the wedding day after the bride’s family denied serving "chicken changezi" to the baraatis. 

As per reports, the Nikah ceremony of 26-year-old Mohd Iftikhar was supposed to be solemnised at Azimnagar in Rampur district on May 10. However, the groom didn’t turn up with the baraat and called off the wedding for a bizarre reason.

In response, the bride’s parents lodged a police complaint on Thursday.

Bride’s elder brother Mohd Asif was quoted by Times of India as saying, “A few hours before the baraat’s arrival, the groom, who works as a hospital support medical staff, made a call and demanded special vegetarian food and chicken changezi for his Hindu guests.”

“We had only buffalo meat dishes on the menu and the cook said he won’t be able to prepare chicken changezi as it requires time. I informed the groom, but he got angry. He also misbehaved with our relatives. The marriage was called off,” he added.

Further, he went on to add, “We were forced to then file a police complaint. Local panchayat members thereafter tried to resolve the matter and the groom apologised and proposed to marry but this time the bride turned down his request and said that with this kind of behaviour, she cannot trust him for the rest of her life.”

On the other hand, a relative of the groom said, “My nephew requested proper vegetarian food and possibly a chicken item for his colleagues. However, the girl’s family simply refused and this led to an argument. The marriage was called off by the girl’s family, not by us.”

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Station House Officer (SHO) of Azimnagar, Amar Singh said that a complaint was filed against the groom for vanishing on the day of his wedding. He was summoned to the local police station. 

“During questioning, we found he was unhappy with chicken not being served to his friends who work with him,” said Singh.