Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Indian ‘Charpais’ were found in every household in India several years back. But, nowadays, these are limited to rural villages or roadside dhabas in some selected states. While the demand for designer and comfortable beds is high these days, the charm of Indian ‘Charpai’ is lost.

However, if you wish to purchase a ‘Charpai’, how much can you spend on it? Would you pay Rs 1 lakh for it?

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Though the Indian Charpai or commonly known as ‘Khatia’, a jute hand-woven bed with a  wooden frame, has lost its charm with modernisation, it will be utterly shocking for anyone after learning that the ‘Charpai’ is being sold at a whopping price of over Rs 1 lakh.

Yes, though it sounds strange, Indian Charpai is put on sale on an e-Commerce site at a staggering price of Rs 1, 12, 030.

Etsy Inc, an American e-Commerce company specialises in vintage items and craft supplies, has put the Indian Charpai on sale at a whopping price. The item is advertised as a ‘Traditional Indian Bed with very beautiful décor.’ Further, the product description reads that the bed is made using materials such as wood and jute ropes. 

Indian charpai on saleIndian charpai on sale

It is claimed that the Indian charpai or Khatia has some medical benefits. Apart from improving blood circulation, it also accelerates digestion. Generally, the charpai is designed in a way that the head and legs of the person are slightly elevated. This design ensures enough blood circulation in the stomach that helps the organs perform their functions steadily. However, such a whooping price for a ‘Charpai’ will leave any Indian shocked. Won't it!

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