Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Love is the most powerful feeling that can turn a beast into a kind being. It triggers emotions and inspires the best in a being. However, it also works either way in the case of humans. Failure in love can turn a human into a beast and prompt one to do everything wrong to punish self or to take revenge.

However, have you ever heard of a person leaving a good job and turning into a criminal just to please his girlfriend?

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Though sounds weird, a chemical engineering graduate from IIT-Madras quit his high-paying MNC job in Dubai to return to Bihar with his girlfriend.

As reported by Times of India, the IITian returned with his nightclub dancer girlfriend to Bihar’s Muzaffarnagar and embraced life in crime world. 

As per the reports, the IITian identified as Hemant Kumar Raghu hails from Tiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu. He was arrested along with his three accomplices this week for allegedly robbing Rs 2.2 lakh from a woman. 

Along with cash, the police seized arms, ammunition, and two stolen bikes from their possession. 

During interrogation, Raghu revealed how he reportedly landed in the crime world after falling in love with a nightclub dancer. As per his statement, he worked as an MNC engineer and lived a high life in Dubai. However, after meeting and falling for the dancer, he turned into a thief in Bihar.

Raghu, aged over 40, was quoted by police as saying that he got his girlfriend to quit her nightclub job, in return for which he agreed to accompany her to her hometown. After spending all the hard-earned money he had saved in his 15-year career, Raghu chose crime as his new work to ‘keep his girlfriend happy.’

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Muzaffarpur (East) DSP Manoj Pandey was quoted as saying that Raghu built a network with criminals across the district and would pick his targets with proper planning. 

“He has clearly turned into a professional criminal and confessed to his involvement in several crimes across the district,” said Pandey.

Further, the police officer went on to add that Raghu appeared on the police radar during surveillance to crack a loot case filed on April 11. Raghu and his team were tracked by an investigation team in Madhopur at a brick kiln.