Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Every day we come across several reports related to lovebirds and their surprising activities. While some of the reports are disturbing, some seem to be quite funny. Fights between lovebirds are quite common. But, have you ever seen a cute love story taking an action twist?

Here we bring a video of lovebirds that got into action mode and fought violently outside a café. But, the end of the video will tickle your funny bones.

As seen in the video, a boy and girl are seen fighting outside a café while two other girls are standing nearby and trying to end the fight. While the boy was holding the girl from behind, the latter rushed near the former’s bike as soon as the grip loosened. 

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She continues kicking the bike while the boy sits on the seat. However, when the girl didn’t stop, the boy once again charged the girl. 
The high-voltage drama of the lovebirds continued for a while.

While the girl continued to beat the boy, he started rolling his bike back while pushing her back. However, when the boy turned on his bike and was about to move, the girl hopped behind settling on the pillion, and the duo drove away. 

Meanwhile, the other two girls are left behind in surprise. 

The video shared on Twitter by Byomkesh has been viewed over 20K times and has triggered hilarious comments from the viewers.

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