Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Recently, a bizarre incident came to light, in which a woman demanded a refund from her wedding photographer . Now, after the incident went viral and her ex-husband apologised on her behalf, she has requested the photographer for a divorce photoshoot. Moreover, she also regretted her unreasonable demands and agrees to pay for the new work.

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Earlier in April, Romeo, the photographer, shared a bunch of screenshots of a WhatsApp conversation, in which a woman demanded a refund of her wedding photoshoot. The photographer at first thought it to be a prank, however, after the woman warned him of legal action; he decided to face it and shared the entire conversation on Twitter.

The incident triggered a storm on the internet and the screenshots of the conversation between the photographer and the woman started trending. After learning about the incident, the ex-husband of the woman reached out to the photographer and apologized on behalf of her ex-wife.

Romeo also shared the conversation with the ex-husband of the woman in which the man stated that he read the articles and the incident was quite embarrassing. He also went on to mention, “But, you can see nawe why I divorced her.” (sic)

Now, after a month, Romeo again shared the screenshot of the latest conversation with the woman in which the woman stated that she saw photos trending of a lady who did divorced photos. “I want that too can you do it please.” (sic)

Here’s the short conversation between the photographer and the woman.

Romeo: Yeah. You sure you want me to do it? I mean you can literally get any photographer to do it for you. (sic)

Woman: Yes I want you. I mean I want you to the shoot please. I don’t have experience of photo shoots with other camera man. Bette, if it’s you I’d feel more at ease. (sic)

Romeo:  I will think about it. (sic)

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Woman: I respect your work and I know my request was unreasonable at first. But, now I’m coming as a paying customer. I thought about it a lot and I took your advice for therapy and I feel like I’m getting there and this photo shoot would help moving on you know. (sic)

Well, the latest incident has also triggered a laugh riot and people also went on to advise the photographer not to do the divorce photoshoot as they smell something fishy.