Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Wedding celebrations become grand, engaging, and entertaining due to different rituals. The wedding rituals vary with religion, tribe, community, caste and geographical region. While we are well aware of the common rituals of marriages we witness, there are some strange and funny rituals practiced in other regions we are least aware of.

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In this internet age, we become aware of different rituals, thanks to social media. If you are an active social media user, you must have got a glimpse of a wedding ritual practiced in Nepal, in which relatives of the bride and groom pull a cloth over them while the newlywed couple sits on the mandap. In most cases, the relatives fall on the bride and groom triggering a hilarious moment

However, here we bring a video that shows a groom protecting the bride while their relatives were about to fall on them during the ritual.

As seen in the video, two groups of boys are seen dragging a red cloth while the bride and groom are sitting on the mandap. While a boy on the bride’s side leans down while dragging the piece of cloth, his knee hits the bride. Immediately, the groom pulls her close and tightly hugs her to protect her. Moreover, the groom stretches another hand to push the boys away from the bride. 

Finally, the group of boys on the bride’s side wins by clinching the cloth while the groom and bride remain safe. 

The video shared on Instagram by ashmanweddingdiaries has won the hearts of netizens which is evident from the likes of the post. Meanwhile, netizens have also showered praises on the groom for being protective.

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