Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

A wedding is a lifetime event and everyone wishes to turn the event memorable so that everyone can cherish it lifelong. Several customs and rituals are performed to unite the bride and groom . These traditional rituals vary with religion, caste, tribe, geographical region, and country. 

The significance of the traditional rituals is certainly higher for the people following them. On the other hand, the rituals and customs practiced since ages can be extremely surprising for others. However, with the growing modernisation, the traditional rituals are fading away. 

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You must be aware of different marriage rituals. But, have you ever heard of the bride’s family punishing baraatis as the groom takes away their girl?

Here we bring a video that will tickle your funny bones and leave you rolling on the floors, laughing. 

In the video, a group of baraatis is seen putting masks, caps, garlands, and spectacles made from leaves. The masks, caps and other items made from leaves are of different designs and the baraatis seem to be quite happy while walking with those items. 

As claimed by a section of users, it is a traditional ritual practiced in Nepal. As per the ritual, the bride's side ‘punishes’ the groom's side for taking away their girl. The bride's side makes different funny items and makes the groom's side wear those. 

One user wrote, “These is actually a beautiful ritual I saw during my sister's wedding.... they are compensating for taking the girl from the household after enlopement ...hence the family of a girl are giving them punishment in a funny and cute this... proud to be nepali cause we don't give dowry instead we do this.” (sic)

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Another wrote, “It's a tradition a lot of Nepalese ppl follow. The bride side make funny items n make the groom side wear them.” (sic)

“Magars really know how to make wedding fun . Hamro gau tira ni Ajhai xa yo chalan” wrote a third user. (sic)

The video shared on photo_gram has been massively liked by users.