Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Marriages are heavenly events that mark the union of two persons. While excitement among brides, grooms, relatives and friends remains high for the remarkable day, various rituals during the marriage level up the fun. 

The rituals vary with caste, community, religion and country. And every traditional ritual has something to fill fun in the event. However, unplanned things at the wedding turn the event more hilarious leaving everyone shocked as well as amazed.

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Here we bring a video that shows a bride getting dragged by a bunch of relatives while performing a traditional ritual.

As seen in the video, both the groom and bride are sitting in the wedding mandap. However, relatives of both the groom and bride are seen pulling a red cloth just like in the game of ‘Tug of War.’ It seems the relatives from both sides are trying to claim the cloth piece which will prove their sovereignty.

However, amidst the ‘Tug of War’ a girl falls on the bride as the ritual is carried close to the bride and groom. Immediately, another man falls on the girl and a third person also falls over. 

Meanwhile, the group on the other side keeps on pulling the cloth with the excitement of winning the game. However, as three persons are on the bride, she gets dragged along with them.

Well, the entire incident is certainly quite hilarious and has entertained netizens a lot. Apart from garnering massive likes, the comment box is flooded with hilarious notes. The video shared on Instagram by neptiktok has been liked over 5 lakh times.

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