Manoj Kumar Jena

There is a saying that “legends die doing what they love the most,” and those who take their last breath with their passion are considered lucky. 

There are many instances where eminent artists, personalities, and sports persons have died doing what they love, and their devotion ignites the fire of passion in the hearts of their well-wishers. 

Recently, the photo of an ailing teacher is gaining attention from all around the world, for his unwavering dedication towards his profession.

In an incident of profound dedication, a teacher graded the assignments of his students on hospital bed hours before his death. So far, the exact location of the time of the incident is yet to be known.

According to News18 reports, Alejandro Navarro was a teacher by profession. He was admitted to the hospital due to his critical health conditions. 

Before going to the emergency room for further treatment, Alejandro took out his laptop and finished the grading of assignments of his students. 

Alejandro’s daughter took the photo of the moment which is now going viral on various social media platforms. 

In the photo, Alejandro can be seen on his hospital bed and working on his laptop, hours before passing away. 

A day after the photo was clicked and Alejandro graded the assignment of his students, he succumbed to his illness. 

The netizens showered praise on Alejandro for his dedication to his duty. The photo was shared on the official Instagram handle of notcommmonfacts with details that read, “Sandra Venegas captured this poignant image of her father before his final moments in the hospital. Despite knowing he was heading to the emergency room, he made sure to pack his laptop and charger to fulfill his responsibilities as a dedicated teacher. Tragically, he passed away the following day. In a heartfelt post, Sandra acknowledges the immense effort teachers put in, often going unrecognized. Even amidst a pandemic and personal health struggles, teachers remain committed to fulfilling their duties.” (SIC)

The post has amassed 73.7K likes and netizens left the comment section with prayers and praises for Alejandro as one user commented, “Teachers deserve our respect and admiration, and another user wrote, “I have immense respect for this man. RIP, I salute you.”