Mrunal Manmay Dash

Neither for any competition, nor to break any records - this 62-year-old man from Odisha has grown a 2-feet-long moustache just for fun.

Duhsasana Sahoo is famous as ‘Mechha’ in his village at Brahmanipali in Bolangir district. Mechha means moustache in regional dialect.

And he swears to keep his moustache till his death.

When OTV caught up with him, he was beaming with energy, even at the age of 62.

Sahoo also practices Ayurveda and locals come to him for treatment of minor ailments. “More than my Ayurvedic medicines, people know me for my moustache. I treat it with Aloe-Vera every day so that it does not fall.”

“I had grown it before too. But my uncle passed away and I had to shave it. Otherwise, it would have been much longer by now,” he said.

Asked about the purpose, Sahoo said, “I do not have any compulsions. I have grown it just for fun and I am just curious to see how long it can grow.”

Rajasthan’s Ram Singh Chauhan has the longest moustache in the world, which is around 14 feet. Chauhan's feat has been recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records, but that has not stopped him from further growing it, although its growth has declined in the recent years.

(Reported By Ghateswar Mishra, OTV)