Soumya Prakash Pradhan

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced a new update on X (formerly Twitter) aimed at combating both deepfakes and shallowfakes on the social media platform.

This update promises to identify 30% more posts containing "similar or identical images," according to an official report.

"We've just implemented the update and will closely monitor for any mistaken image matches," stated X in a post. Musk, replying to the announcement, expressed optimism, saying, "This should make a big difference in defeating deepfakes (and shallowfakes)."

What Is Shallowfakes?

Shallowfakes refer to photos, videos, and voice clips created without the use of artificial intelligence (AI), using readily available editing tools.

The new update on X automatically displays notes on images that match other posts.

"It's common for these notes to match on dozens, hundreds, or sometimes thousands of posts. Now, users can see how many posts an image note matches right in the note details," explained the company.

During elections, platforms like X become hotbeds for spreading fake news. To address this issue, X has updated its platform.

Experts have warned about the proliferation of fake news and deepfakes, which aim to disrupt polls and manipulate public opinion.