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In India’s AI sector, popular content creator Varun Mayya recently conducted an in-person interview with Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

While the full interview is yet to be published on YouTube, Varun gave his followers a sneak peek by sharing a snippet from the interview on his Instagram accounts.

During the conversation, Pichai referenced a scene from Aamir Khan’s movie ‘3 Idiots.’ It all began when Varun asked Sundar, “I do not know this, but there is an entire industry in India built to help young Indians crack the FAANG interview. How do you get out of the competitive exam mindset with all these shifts coming about?”

In response, Pichai emphasised the importance of deeper understanding rather than just memorising facts, stating, “I think real success comes from understanding things in a deeper way.”

He then referred to a memorable scene from the movie “3 Idiots,” where Aamir Khan's character is asked to define a motor, highlighting the difference between merely describing what a motor is and truly understanding its workings.

Pichai said, “There is a scene in there when they ask Aamir Khan the definition of a motor. And like, you know, there is a version where you just describe what a motor is, and a version where you actually understand what a motor is.”

Later in the conversation, Varun brought up the topic of AI, expressing concern about India lagging behind Silicon Valley.

He asked Pichai, “If you were an engineer back home in India, what would you do to keep up?” Sundar noted that India is now one of their top markets due to its large user base.


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Since being shared online, the video has amassed over 500K views and garnered numerous reactions from users in the comments section. 

One user exclaimed, “Absolute gold, looking forward! @thevarunmayya,” while another joked, “Bro just woke up and randomly collaborated with the CEO of Google.”

“You’ve surprised all of us! I cannot wait to watch the video. Please drop it soon,” one user commented.

Another user said, “Bro just woke up and randomly collaborated with the CEO of Google 😮,” while another wrote, "Most awaiting video so far🔥."

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