Soumya Prakash Pradhan

At its Google I/O 2024 event, online giant Google introduced several significant upgrades, including the release of new Gemini and Gemma models, the latest AI features for Android, a new AI voice assistant, a text-to-video generator, and much more. 

Many people are drawing comparisons to the fictional "Jarvis" from the Marvel movie Iron Man, suggesting that Google's advancements are bringing science fiction closer to reality. 

Here are the top highlights from the Google I/O event:

Gemini 1.5

Google made a new Gemini 1.5 Flash computer program. They say it is lighter than the older Gemini 1.5 Pro program but still works quickly and well. This new program can understand things in different ways and can look at a lot of information at once. Google made Gemini 1.5 Flash to be good at tasks that need quick responses.


Google also made a better version of Gemma, another smart computer program. This new Gemma program is faster and works better. It's been improved using special computer parts called TPUs and GPUs, and it's got a lot of tiny parts that help it work well.

Ask Photos

Google will soon add a new feature to Google Photos called Ask Photos. It lets you ask Google Photos questions, and it will try to give you helpful answers. This feature will start in the summer, and they will add more things to it later.

Project Astra Announced

This is the most interesting announcement for AI agents. So, what is this? This is like when you really see things that many people claim the Marvel movie “Jarvis” robot to be. This Project Astra AI model works when you're asking something, as your camera opening, and also something like the video shown below. 

When asking, 'Tell me when you see something that makes sounds,' as the camera shows a speaker, the Project Astra said that the speaker will make sounds.

When asking for speaker parts' names, it also provides the names. You can see this video below. 

In that video, when showcasing the diagram of the system and then asking, 'What can I add here to make this system faster?' after that, the Project Astra said, 'Adding a cache between the server and database could improve the speed.

After listening to the answer in the Google office, everyone is cheering, as the Project Astra gave an exact answer.

As Astra is 'a universal AI agent that can be truly helpful in everyday life,' said Demis. The pace and quality of interaction with Astra feel natural.

Imagen 3 For Super-Realistic Images

Imagen 3 is a smart computer program that makes pictures look incredibly real and detailed. According to Doug Eck, it can even show you the tiny hairs on a wolf's nose! It's also good at understanding commands in a more natural way, like how a person would talk.

You can start using Imagen 3 today on ImageFX, and soon it will be available for people who make software and big companies too.

Google's New Video-Making Computer Program - VEO

Google introduces Veo, its clever computer program that can make high-quality videos just by reading text instructions. You can choose from different movie styles and edit the videos however you want using text commands. This seems like Google's way of competing with another cool program called Sora made by OpenAI. You can try out Veo on a website called VideoFX.

LearnLM wants to be your personal teacher

Imagine if you could have your own computer tutor to help you learn anything. People in Silicon Valley, where a lot of tech companies are, talk about this idea a lot. LearnLM is a group of new computer models that are like Gemini but made specifically to help with learning. They are trying to make it possible for everyone to have their own smart tutor.