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Launching a scathing attack on the BJD government in Odisha, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said, "A state like Odisha with abundant natural resources and human resources is rare in the country. I believe that if Odisha gets a good government; it can be developed into the numero uno state in the country.”

The Assam Chief Minister was addressing an election rally in Patkura under the Kendrapara Lok Sabha segment on Monday.

He stated, "The youths from Odisha are migrating out of the state in search of jobs. When I visit Surat, I find most of the youths are from Odisha. Odia youths have no work and no government jobs. They get no employment in the industrial units in the state. Even mineral resources from Odisha are being shifted to other states.”

He further pointed out, "About 1 lakh vacancies are at the government level in Odisha. If Naveen Babu wished, he could have given the jobs to Odia youths.”

Sarma, however, asserted that one lakh jobs will be created after the BJP forms government in Odisha and this is the Modi Guarantee.

‘Teamwork by Pandian Couple’

Training guns on BJD leader VK Pandian, the Assam Chief Minister said, "He is claiming to have introduced 5T. One of the Ts stand for teamwork. Is there any teamwork in Odisha? Do the ministers & MPs have any power here? The only teamwork here is between Pandian and his wife. There is no teamwork. Only two people – Pandian and his wife – enjoy power. The T here stands for Tamil Nadu.”

He appealed to youths saying, “Collect Rs 1 each as a donation to buy a ticket for Pandian to send him to Tamil Nadu. Pandian has held Naveen Babu hostage. Why is he holding the mic for Naveen Babu? He is making Naveen Babu dance to his tunes.”  

“Only one person has been ensconced in power as a Raja and Maharaja. All jobs are at the disposal of Pandian.  Why are Odia youths not given jobs?” 

'Pandian Hiding Ratna Bhandar Key'

The key of Srimandir’s Ratna Bhandar is missing while the report of the inquiry commission on the same has been suppressed, Sarma said.

"I believe that Pandian has been hiding the Ratna Bhandar key. The BJP will trace the keys even if they are concealed by Pandian in the nether world,” Sarma added.

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Sounding a note of caution, the Assam Chief Minister said, "The Ratna Bhandar key should be submitted to the Orissa High Court before June 4, or else we will settle your accounts.”

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