Cassian Baliarsingh

Sanjukta Satapathy, the president of Mission Shakti Women’s Mahasangh in Rajkanika block of Kendrapara district has been accused of violating the law and Model of Code of Conduct (MCC).

BJP candidate Krushnachandra Panda also brought serious allegations against Sanjukta and accused her of being involved in political activities and campaigning for the ruling BJD. 
Panda lodged a formal complaint against Sanjukta with the Kendrapara District Collector and demanded stringent action against her as per the law.

In his complaint, Panda alleged that Sanjukta has been accompanying BJD MLA candidate Pratap Deb for political campaigning and urging people to vote for the conch party. 

Not only Sanjukta, Rajkanika Mission Shakti coordinator Sushant Mallick and Rakesh Rao, employee of Aul Co-operative Bank have also been accused of violating MCC and being involved in political activities.

Speaking to the media after meeting the chief election officer, Krushnachandra Panda said, “Sanjukta has been actively participating in all the political activities of BJD. Recently, she was spotted in a BJD joining programme and asking people to vote for BJD. She has been influencing the voters. So we demand action against her. We will resort to agitation if no action is taken against her.”

No comments could be obtained from Sanjukta in this connection.