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After the results of Exit Polls about Lok Sabha in Odisha came to the fore, political leaders reacted and made assertions about good electoral performance. 

Exit Poll Predictions

The Exit Poll conducted by India TV predicted that the BJP is expected to get 15-17 Lok Sabha seats out of 21, while 4-6 seats would go to the kitty of the BJD and Congress is expected to win one seat.

According to the Exit Poll survey by CHANAKYA,  the BJP is likely to win 16 LS seats while the BJD may get four seats and Congress one. 

Moreover, the Exit Poll by JAN KI BAAT  predicted  15-18 LS seats for the BJP, 3-7 seats for the BJD and no seats for the Congress.
As per the NDTV’s Exit Polls,  the BJP would emerge victorious in 15 LS seats while the BJD would get only 3-8, and the Congress is not expected to open its account. The Exit Poll by REPUBLIC-MATRIZE predicted that the BJP is expected to get 9-12 LS seats while the BJD may land 7-10 seats and Congress is expected to get one seat.

The Exit Poll prediction by INDIA NEWS hinted that BJP may win in 13 LS seats whereas the BJD is likely to get 8 seats and Congress may end up with no seats in Odisha. INDIA TODAY-AXIS Exit Poll predicted BJP's victory in 18-20 Lok Sabha seats while the BJD may get 0-2 seats and  Congress 0-1 seat.

Odisha BJP president Manmohan Samal asserted that the BJD government would change on June 4 and a clear picture of the trend favouring a mandate for the BJP would have come in the afternoon. “People in Odisha have decided to change their minds and the reflections will be found on June 4. We all have faith. Everything will be crystal clear about the change of the government,” he observed.  
He also reiterated his earlier claim that the oath-taking ceremony of the BJP’s Chief Minister will take place on June 10. 

Though Exit Polls predicted an excellent electoral performance by the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections, two other parties - BJD and Congress - expressed doubts over such Exit Poll results. However, they sounded confident about their good show this time.

On the other hand, veteran Congress leader Taraprasad Bahinipati was confident about his party’s good performance in the Assembly elections, pointing out that the BJD and BJP are differing on the exit polls done on the Odisha elections. “I don’t accept the claims of the two parties on government formation,” he added.

The Congress leader claimed that the party has reached its target and will put up a better performance this time than that done in 2019. “The number of Congress MLAs may not go up from nine to 90, but the party will get more seats. The Koraput LS seat will be retained by the Congress while four to five LS seats will come to our kitty,” he observed.

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Sounding sceptical of the exit poll results, senior BJD leader Padmanabha Behera said, "The Exit Polls of different media have different assessments. The exit poll predictions are not always true. The BJD has its own assessment and will again form the government in the state with a good mandate. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik will again take oath on June 9. We will do well in the Lok Sabha elections."

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