Himansu Shekhar Rout

Weeks after organizing the sarcastic wedding ceremony of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Biju Janata Dal(BJD) to show them being part of a clandestine alliance, the Congress in Odisha on Monday staged an innovative protest over the scams in Odisha. 

As part of this protest, the party organised another ritual titled ‘Anna Prasanna ‘ to satirize both the parties on the corruption count at Master Canteen Square in Bhubaneswar.

By organising the 'Anna Prasanna', Congress leaders and workers alleged that 10 babies were born from this unholy wedlock between the two parties. The Congress pointed out 10 big scams including chit fund scam and multi-crore mining scam through the newborns which were displayed in the form of dolls.  

Interestingly, party workers played couples and wore masks of the BJP and BJD symbols and took part in the 'Anna Prasanna'. The symbolic protests dew curious crowds.    

This innovative programme of the Congress was orgnaised amid speculations and suspense on the ‘ongoing clandestine talks’ between the BJP and BJD for an alliance.  

After this symbolic sarcasm targeted at the BJP and the BJD, Congress’ Odisha in-charge Ajoy Kumar held a presser and launched a scathing attack on the two parties. “After the marriage of the BJP and the BJD, as many as 10 babies were born so early. The babies were named. The first baby delivered is the Chit Fund Scam and the second one is the Mining Scam and son on,” said Ajoy Kumar.

He asserted, ”Which mining contractors were involved in the scam and how money came from them to the state will be exposed. We will expose the names of the contractors in the next seven days. Most of the companies are shell companies involved in the scam. I assure you all, the Congress will look into it and unmask the Naveen Patnaik government in seven days. It is the most corrupt government in India. Maximum donations through electoral bonds have been received by the BJD in Odisha from mining contractors.” 

Countering the Congress’ charges on the alliance sarcasm, BJP leader Biranchinaryan Tripathy said, ”Congress is nowhere in the country and near the people now. The party has confined itself to the Master Canteen Square. To make its presence felt, the party has been doing a farce, only to be in the media limelight. People have understood Congress and have shown its right place.”

However, the reaction of the BJD has not been received.

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