Cassian Baliarsingh

Healthy relationships are a blend of many things. From being loyal to being supportive, giving time to your partner, and being best friends, everything is important for a happy, blissful relationship.

A relationship is not always a smooth ride or an easy walk in a park. Due to busy schedules and personal or professional tensions, it can also be awful at times. That’s exactly the time when you can know your partner truly.

We may be aware that we should not do certain things in a relationship. But, unhealthy habits begin to form when the relationship is going through a rough patch. When a relationship turns sour, we tend to do things that should never be done.

We tend to get angry or sometimes even inadvertently insult our partners. But when bad behaviour starts becoming a habit, it needs to be immediately addressed.

Here are a few things that should not be done in a relationship:

1.    Never talk anything about the ex or past. 
2.    Never talk or do something that makes them feel uncomfortable. 
3.    Never make them feel restricted. 
4.    Never doubt them. If they are into you really, they will never cheat on you. 
5.    Never make them feel like a partner they can’t share anything with. First, be a great friend than a partner. 
6.    Never compare them with your ex or someone else. Everyone is unique. 
7.    Never get angry on them and even if you get, try to self-control and divert your mind. Some unknown actions of yours can destroy the whole relationship. 
8.    Never use abusive words for them or their family or friends. Remember your words are like swords. So, think before you speak.