Cassian Baliarsingh

Inspired by the journey of MBA Chaiwala, many youngsters are slowly taking the path of entrepreneurship and exploring a bundle of career options to become self-independent. And, this story of a female Uber driver, who is a B.Tech graduate, is surely a precious addition to the long list of inspiring stories.

Meet Dipta Ghosh, a female Uber driver from Kolkata, who drives with Uber for livelihood and often motivates her customers with her inspiring journey. A customer took to his Facebook and shared her beautiful life journey.

He wrote, “Yesterday booked an App cab for going to Lake Mall from New Garia area. Received call from a female driver. No it wasn’t the usual queries like... apnar drop ta kothai or payment cash deben na ki online etc. She just asked in polite tone regarding the pick-up location.”

“Yes she was Dipta Ghosh as I found out from her profile. After journey started I asked her that, your tone is that of an educated person, what's your educational background. I was surprised and you guys will be too.”

“She has done B Tech (Electrical). She worked for 6 years in various companies. Then her father died in 2020 leaving behind her, her mom and a younger sister. She found all suitable jobs were only which required her to shift out of Kolkata. She didn't want to do that and leave her mom and sis alone.”

“She took the courageous decision to get a commercial driving license as she knew how to drive already. Bought an Alto and started driving for Uber in 2021. She is quite happy with the profession now. She earns about ₹40000 a month driving about 6-7 hours daily for 6 days a week.”

“No doesn't want to work for another company as she is happy being her own boss and can go off duty by logging off the device.”
He added, “This post is about the courage of a girl. If you don't find it inspiring or have got something negative to say, please do it on your own wall.”