Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Like humans, animals do have feelings and they express their emotions . Pet lovers are well acquainted with human-animal emotional bonding. However, it is rare to find such bonding between an animal from the wild for an unknown human. 

Though it sounds surprising, such an incident has come to light from Nuagaon village in Jagatsinghpur’s Erasama where a monkey from the wild mourned death of a human and 'shed tears' for hours. 

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As per reports, 46-year-old Manju Das died on Thursday morning. While neighbours of Manju were making preparations for her last rites and tying the pyre, the langur crawled near the body. At first, it sat near Manju's body. Moreover, the physical gesture of the monkey was just like a mourning family member and it sat close to the body for long hours. At times, it caressed Manju’s leg and even bowed its head. 

“My mother had no connection with the langur , it came from the wild. But, the way it came near her and mourned her death, it seemed like, they were connected in some way. The monkey removed the cloth from her face and mourned near the body,” said Manju’s son.

He further added, “When we went to bring her body to the pyre, the langur blocked the path by sleeping on the way, Later, when we went to the cremation ground, it followed us.”

“The langur sat near the body and didn’t leave it for around 4 hours, The animal's expression was as if it has lost its bevered family member,” said a neighbour.

Such behaviour of the animal stunned everyone as the langur was in no way connected to Manju. 

Reported by Ramakant Nayak, Jagatsinghpur