Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Religious and spiritual humans, who have realised the supremacy of God, devote the maximum time of their life to different religious works. Of course, visiting a temple to offer obeisance is included in the list of religious works. Such religious activities become a daily practice for many. 

If you are one among such spiritual humans with the practice of visiting a temple every day, you must have come across many animals, who also visit the temple every day. But, have you ever seen any animal entering the temple to offer obeisance?

Here we bring a video in which a monkey is seen walking inside a temple and offering obeisance just like a human.

As claimed in the video, the monkey walks every day to Shree Buddheshwar Mahadev Temple in Lucknow of Uttar Pradesh for the darshan of the temple deities.

As seen in the video, the monkey is seen walking towards a temple. 

The monkey climbs up the stairs even though several humans are seen in its way. As soon as the steps of the stairs ended, the monkey immediately bows down with its limbs folded. The monkey faced the temple of Lord Parashuram while bowing down. It lies for a while and again walks towards the interior of the temple premises. 

The monkey again waits for a while at a place while it is being distracted by a barking dog. However, the monkey bravely shoos away the dog and walks towards the entrance of another temple. 

It again bows down its head with folded hands in front of Lord Shiva’s temple. The monkey remains in the same position for a long time until the video ends.

Well, the video has certainly amazed the netizens. 

Users are unstoppably showering love and praise for the monkey.

One user wrote, "Though it has got the body of a monkey, it’s the soul of a ‘Sidh Purush’", another user wrote, “This is the reason for which Sanatan dharma is superior.” Several other users shared a similar thought for the spiritual monkey.

The video shared on Facebook by Bharat AtoZ News has garnered over 4.5 million views with over 312K reactions and thousands of comments.