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Mrunal Manmay Dash

Wildflowers are not meant to be cut and tamed, instead, they should be loved and admired. Such a wildflower which bloomed in Betonati, the tribal infested block under Mayurbhanj district of Odisha came to limelight after a video of the kid shaking his legs with immaculate precision caught attention of the netizens and went viral.

10-year-old Satyanarayan Hansda who is currently staying with his father in a slum (Chunakali Basti) in Bhubaneswar took internet by storm after some videos of him performing multiple dance styles which are tough to master went viral in social media platforms. From locking and popping to hip hop and even slow-mo, Hansda's moves over some peppy bollywood numbers would floor anybody who has even a slightest inclination towards dance.

Son of a mason and born, brought up in Betonati, Hansda is considered as a child prodigy in his area. He is student of Class-4 in Swami Bibekananda Sikshya Kendra However, his talents could surface only after his arrival in the State Capital following the COVID induced lockdown months back.

Just like a wildflower, the scent of his talent even enthralled the top cops including the DCP of Bhubaneswar, who shared a video of Hansda and tweeted, "He is Satya Narayan Hansda. Our Basti Mitra police officer met him in Chunakali Basti. Satya's father is a mason."



Speaking to OTV correspondent Bibartan Panda, Hansda said that he never underwent any formal training neither have joined a dance class ever. Whatever skills he possesses have been acquired through videos of his favourite dancers in television shows. "I aspire to become a choreographer in future," announced a gleaming Hansda before OTV.

Jagannath Hansda, his father was quite upbeat after his son's dance featured in the DCP's tweet. Speaking about his son's talent, he said, "I have been staying here in Bhubaneswar since 30 years and I am quite happy for his achievements till now. He has interests in dance and sports. I will try and put him in a dance class here in Bhubaneswar with whatever money I earn from my masonry."

"I was panicked when I heard that the police has been asking around for my son. I feared the worst, but after they recorded a video of my son's dance and went away after putting a 100 Rupee note in his hand as a prize, I was overjoyed with pleasure," he said.

Though Jagannath is confident enough to help his son realise his dreams, his poor financial health has made him apprehensive about actually achieving this. He would be grateful if anybody come forward and donates so that Jagannath can become a renowned dancer and choreographer in the future.

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