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While couples are having the best days of their lives in this month of love, it can be quite difficult for singles for various reasons. While couples are busy in romantic gestures, surprises, gifts and shopping, singles are feeling lonely.

February is like a painful reminder to singles and people who have gone through a breakup recently, of their lack of romantic partner. It triggers a feeling of sadness and grief. So, this Gurugram man decided to become the Valentine of single persons. And no, he is not asking for money.

Identified as Shakul Gupta, he is out there to assist singles who are experiencing loneliness. His bio describes him as ‘lover on rent’, and his aims are neither commercial nor sexual. His sole reason is to prevent loneliness.


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Taking to his Instagram, he wrote, “If you’re feeling lonely or are in need of companionship, feel no shame in renting me so that I can give you the best date of your life!”

Interestingly, his service isn’t just limited for Valentine’s Day. He has so far gone on more than 50 dates with wonderful women. Many people have been praising him while many others tried to troll him.

However, he shut down the trolls and added that he merely wants a grin in return from the trolls.