Cassian Baliarsingh

Sibling rivalry is the harsh reality in a family. It is common for siblings to fight and be in conflict. Often, sibling rivalry starts as kids and continues as we grow and compete for everything from toys to attention.

However, the situation turns grave as children become adults, get married and begin their own lives. There are scores of instances of brother killing another brother for property, jealousy, family dispute, love affair and various such worldly things.

There also have been instances of children killing their parents for over reasons and vice-versa.

But, today, we bring tales of some people who have proved that brothers can be best friends, business partners to reach great heights.

1.    Fan Mechanics – Ramchandra Chouhan & Mahendra Chauhan

Meet Ramchandra Chouhan and Mahendra Chauhan from Jeypore in Koraput district. The two brothers have been running a fan repair shop since ages. The elder Chouhan is 65 years old while the younger one is 60. However, no storm has come yet that can ever break the bond of this two brothers. Even today, the duo who had started the repair shop from scratch are running it successfully with no signs of jealousy or rivalry.

“We don’t need fortune and money to be happy. We are happy together. We work together and live happily with whatever we earn. I don’t need anyone as long as I have my brother by my side,” says Ramchandra, the elder Chouhan. 

2.    Businessmen – Deepak Padwar & Amar Padwar

They are considered the Ram and Laxman of Jeypore. They have carved a niche for themselves in the field of business. Even after earning enough money and happily married, the two brothers prefer to stay together unlike many these day who separate and stay away from each other for petty issues. More than brothers, they are best of friends. It’s not that there is no fight or moment of anger between the duo. But, that has not even once hindered their brotherhood and friendship.

“When there are two brothers working together, there are several chances of difference in opinions and judgements. However, you have to make sure that it doesn’t affect your bond,” says elder brother Deepak.

3.    Special Class Contractors – Durgaprasad Mishra and Hara Prasad Mishra/ Sanjay Kumar Jain and Sandeep Jain

These four men have time and again proved that mutual respect and brotherhood can be more than friendship. Despite running business and contract works of over lakhs of rupees, there has never been a moment of jealousy or bitterness among them. Forgetting all family disputes, they are taking forward their business and legacy.

“Be it across India or even here in Odisha, whenever two brothers run a business together or do farming, they will always reach new heights. This should be understood by all men so that the Earth and our society is a better place to live in,” says Durgaprasad Mishra.

Similarly, Sanjay Kumar says, “My brothers are like my sons. I have two daughters. I have no regrets that God didn’t give me a son. My brothers are my sons and they never disappoint me.”

(Reporter: T. Gauri Shankar, OTV)