Pradeep Pattanayak

A jatra (opera party) artiste’s portrayal of a character of a son who is very unkind towards his mother was so real that spectators couldn’t help but vent their anger on the actor. While some were moved by the acting, others were moved too much and started protesting and throwing chairs and plastic bottles at the stage.  

Tulashi Gananatya was organising shows at Khandagiri Mela in Bhubaneswar. It's play ‘Adha Ratira Sathi’ was staged on Friday night.
In the play, there was a scene wherein actor Piyush Tripathy was seen torturing his mother, stooping down to the limits of inhumanity. Going to give justice to his character of a ruthless son, Tripathy put his best efforts to touch the hearts of the audience. 

He succeeded too because his power-packed violence on stage left the audience hooked to their seats. At the same time, some others didn’t want to see a mother being treated so badly by a son any longer. They started shouting in protest.

They didn’t stop there. They started throwing chairs and plastic bottles towards the pandal, demanding the scene to be stopped. 

“It was when I saw a plastic bottle hit my mother on her head that I was shocked. I wondered what had happened. But I took no time to realize that it was the audience’s feedback. I would like to say that this incident will go a long way in boosting my career,” said actor Tripathy. 

The situation came to such a pass that the opera party members had to intervene. They pacified the angry spectators following which the show resumed.