Himansu Shekhar Rout

Fissures that have allegedly been 'deepening' in the ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD) in Balasore, came to the fore on Saturday during the visit of 5T chairman, VK Pandian to the district. Two groups of the ruling party came close to a confrontation over sitting arrangements just minutes before the arrival of the 5T chairman.

As per reports, a programme under Ama Odisha Nabin Odisha was organised on the Mission High School ground in Balasore on Saturday. When some women councillors belonging to the camp of former MP Rabindra Jena came to the venue, they were upset to find no place for them. The seats were allegedly occupied by women supporters of MLA Swarup Das. 

Then, the women councillors reportedly created a commotion and as the chaos continued, Balasore MLA Swarup Das intervened and ushered the disgruntled women leaders to the seats reserved for the media.

Though the squabble among party workers is attributed to a lack of seats, the real reason is said to be the long-brewing resentment among two groups- one led by former Balasore MP Rabindra Jena and the other led by MLA Swarup Das.

BJD’s Balasore Nagar president Sanat Das, who was visibly upset over the alleged misbehaviour meted out to him by another party leader said, “I am the president of the party for the area, but I was disrespected. One Alok Sahu pulled me and called me Baramasia (a colour-changing bird).”

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MLA Swarup Das said that the problem was due to a lack of seats. “A large number of people came to the meeting. Some of our leaders came late and did not find seats for them. The issue was sorted out later,” he added.  

BJP leader Manas Kumar Dutta said, “All is not well in the party. What came to the fore is indicative of the ongoing churning in the ruling party.”

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