Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan is among the A-listed actors boasting a huge fandom across the world. Following the monstrous success of Pathaan, SRK is busy with his upcoming movies including Dunki and Jawan apart from his extended cameo in Tiger 3. However, do you know, the superstar’s elder son Aryan is busier than SRK?

Yes, none other than Gauri Khan made the big revelation! 

Gauri launched her own book and she arrived at the event with her handsome hubby SRK. However, none of her children accompanied her to the event.

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Launching her new book, Gauri said, the best part about the book is the family pictures. 

“It was easier to get Shah Rukh’s date, but it was difficult to get Aryan’s date. The book also has some of my favourite projects,” said Gauri.

Further, she recalled working at the Red Chillies office and stated it was one of the most challenging projects. She also went on to say that Shah Rukh is a ‘tough one to crack.’ “It has various verticals and we had to put them all together,” said Gauri.

On the other hand, the ‘King of Romance’ referred to his wife as very creative and the busiest person in the house, even more than himself. 

Further, revealing Gauri’s success mantra that she gave to the entire family, SRK said, “We have learned this from Gauri, that it's important to have a satisfying day at work. Thank you Gauri for giving this success mantra to the family. I am extremely happy and satisfied that I am here when she is launching this book.”

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After showering praises for Gauri, SRK shared about having a complaint against his wife. 

“My wife is launching a book and I have to be here at the launch. She is designing everything around the world except my room and my house. But I am a forgiving person,” said SRK.