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Deadpool and Wolverine is one of the highly-awaited movies. While fans are eagerly waiting to see Ryan Reynolds reprising his role, the excitement has reached the zenith to see Hugh Jackman reprising his iconic role of Wolverine and more thrilled to see the craziness of Deadpool and Wolverine together. Fans have already got a glimpse into the new crazy world and now the makers have introduced a new entrant.

On Friday, the team introduced another entrant in Deadpool's world from the world of X-Men. The makers dropped a teaser and Wolverine 'lost his cool' seeing an old foe. 

Sharing the video, Jackman wrote, "Stop bringing up my past." (sic)

The video starts with Ryan saying, "I am going to lose everything that I care about and I have no idea how to save it. But, you do."

While Deadpool confidently puts trust in Wolverine, the latter replies, "Trust me, I am no hero."

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The duo is seen together in an emotional moment and next they jump into a war. Well, Ryan's comic timing certainly can't be missed.

As the duo engage in a battle with others taking down their enemies, Wolverine dares to invite more saying, "Who is next?"

Then jumps in Sabertooth (Victor Creed) from X-Men. As Sabretooth opens his claws and warns Wolverine saying, "Ready to die," Deadpool asks for a pause. Pulling out swords from Wolverine, Deadpool says, "People have waited for this fight for decades."

And, the duo jumped in to 'lock their sharp claws.'

It would be certainly a visual treat for X-Men lovers to see two old foes locking horns. Moreover, it would be highly exciting to see Wolverine avenging Sabretooth. Well, it seems, the makers might have more surprises in the movie and unlock those slowly.

Deadpool and Wolverine is scheduled for theatrical release on 27 July. 

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