Cassian Baliarsingh

Breaking all the barriers, an IGNOU student Srishti Dabas secured AIR-6 in the recently announced UPSC CSE 2023 results. Growing up in a challenging household under the care of a single mother, Srishti has achieved success in her initial attempt.

After completing her post-graduation through IGNOU, unlike other students who relocate to cities for better job opportunities, Srishti decided to prepare for UPSC to bring positive changes in the lives of people in the rural communities.

She is currently working as the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in Mumbai. She is posted at the Human Resource Department at RBI and manages all the appraisals of the employees. Without any coaching, she opted for self-study. While she worked during the day, she entirely focused on self preparation at night and diligently took out 5-6 hours for her studies every day, a report in DNA India stated.

With her sheer dedication and consistency, Srishti cracked the prestigious exam with an impressive sixth rank. 

When asked about her Civil Services preparation strategy and advice for fellow aspirants, Srishti emphasised the significance of being consistent in daily studies and self-confidence.

Apart from the preparation materials, she advised aspirants to diversify the preparation by consulting various books and regularly reading four newspapers in the months leading up to the interview.

“I have a different take. I think a candidate should aim at big things, have self-confidence, study with determination and hope that perhaps he/she can be successful in the first attempt itself and even aim at a very high rank of even AIR-1,” said Srishti when questioned about advising aspirants facing initial setbacks.

Apart from her academic brilliance, Srishti, who is also a talented Kathak dancer, wants to to pursue her passion for dance alongside her civil service career.