Vikash Sharma

Rourkela Police and Bihar Police have managed to trace a truck, which had reportedly gone missing with Rs 43 lakh cosmetic products meant for an Army canteen in Jharkhand. Five persons, including a woman have been arrested in connection with the incident in Rourkela.

As per reports, the consignment was loaded on to the truck from Anand Agency in Patna on March 4, 2023. The truck was supposed to unload the products at an Army canteen in Jharkhand. However, it is alleged that efforts were made to sell the products after the truck unloaded the consignment at Rourkela.

“The truck was supposed to reach Ramgarh Army canteen. The owner of the truck, who is also the driver, had planned this. The truck was brought to Rourkela and he contacted a garage to change its number and colour,” said Rourkela SP, Mukesh Bhamoo.

The Rourkela SP further informed that the accused had planned sell the cosmetic goods after unloading it at a place.

“We have recovered the vehicle and seized 1208 cartons of goods. An SUV has also been seized. The cost of the goods is said to be around Rs 43 lakh,” Bhamoo added.

(Reported by Pawan Tiwari)