Himansu Shekhar Rout

As the sizzling heat wave continues to make life miserable for people in Bhubaneswar, an initiative was taken up to cover portions of major traffic signals under makeshift canopies so that residents, commuters and bikers may get a little respite from the severe heat during their brief halt. 

The traffic shade was arranged at Nalco Soubhagya Nagar on Wednesday. A polythene canopy has been erected overhead with the support of bamboo poles and strings.

It has brought much relief for residents during their halt at traffic signals under the blazing sun.

Many residents have welcomed the measure. 

A biker said, "This is an innovative arrangement. This should have been done much earlier. The shade will at least provide relief to people from the hot sun when they halt briefly at the traffic signal. The system should be replicated at most traffic points in the city.”  

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Another resident observed, "The heat wave has made life difficult. After 9 am, the sun is blazing and venturing out of the house is very difficult. The overhead shade at traffic signals will provide relief to us, though for a short time.”

He suggested that the facility should have been put in place at all traffic points in the city much earlier.

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