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People today are facing a lot of issues related to weight loss and weight management. While some go for rigorous exercise to burn the stubborn fat, some search easy ways to lose that extra kilo.

Here are few teas that may help you lose extra weight during your process to shed extra kilos.

Durbari Kahwa: This traditional spicy tea is believed to be helpful in lowering cholesterol levels and weight loss. Besides, it works as an anti ageing drink.

Rose Delight: The soothing fragrances and sweet flavour of the tea helps reduce weight. It also gives a healthy glow to skin.

Green Tea: This type of tea when taken with cinnamon also helps to lose the extra kilos

Herbal Tea: Herbal teas made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis is believed to be helpful in blocking the formation of fat cells and results in weight loss.

Oolong Tea: This tea is a traditional Chinese one and is believed  highly oxidized. Some studies have reportedly found that it can may add to weight loss by shedding those extra kilos a bit faster.

(This article is just for informative purpose and is provided on an as-is basis. We don't take accuracy or authenticity as any weight loss regime must be taken only after consulting a dietician or a doctor)