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Exercise along with a proper diet is the best method to keep you slim and fit. However, many people complain that despite working for hours at gym, they fail to lose weight. Many others say that though they are following strict diet chart, they are not being able to shed the extra stubborn fat.

There are few things which you won’t even realise, but they restrict you from losing weight despite your hard work. All you need to do is to bring minor changes in your habit so that you can achieve your goal.

Here are some tips to ripe the most from your gym session and diet:

Mistakes In Workout And Diet You Must Avoid

Not keeping track of what you are eating

You need to keep a track of what and how much you are eating. Studies show that keeping track of your diet helps weight loss. If you are spending hours exercising in gym and not keeping a count on your calories, you will never lose weight. Therefore, keep a count on your calories and plan your workout accordingly.

Sitting more and moving less at work

Exercising regularly is good, but being physically inactive for long hours may also affect the weight loss regime. Some believe that workout is enough for weight loss but your movement, after and before exercise also affect your weight loss regime.

According to a study by University of Missouri–Columbia, sitting for just a few hours causes your body to stop making a fat-inhibiting enzyme called lipase. Getting up and walking for just two minutes between those hours burn an additional 59 calories a day, according to research from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. Those working in front computer for more than 7 hours are advised to set a time to remind you to move between every hour.

Not drinking enough water

Drinking water helps shedding pounds in a big way. It helps to suppress appetite, so you're less likely to overeat. Besides, water keeps you hydrated which helps your organs perform well. Therefore, drink water to maintain water level in your body before and after exercise.

Have food before and after workout

Diets almost never work in the long term. Studies show that people who diet gain more weight over time. Therefore, if you think you are in weight losing regime and should not eat, that’s a myth. Make it a habit to eat something healthy before and after workout. Never hit the gym empty stomach. Eat something healthy so that you get the energy to exercise in gym. Similarly, do not skip meals after working out.

Monotonous Exercise

Weight loss is not always easy and numerous factors can bring it to a standstill. Once you start going gym, you lose weight very quickly initially. But after a definite period you stop losing weight even though you are exercising daily. The same and repetitive exercises might be one of the reasons behind this. You should bring changes in you work out every week.

Not sleeping well

Good sleep is one of the key element for your physical and mental health, as well as your weight. Studies show that poor sleep is one of the major factors for obesity. So, sleep well and stay healthy

Drinking too much alcohol

Drinking alcohol in excess causes problems in weight loss. One reason is that alcohol itself adds to the calorie intake. Drinks like beer, wine and sugary alcoholic beverages are very high in calories. So, if you want to drink and consume less calories, you can go for spirits (like vodka) mixed with a zero-calorie beverage but that should also be taken in a limit.

Disclaimer: The information here is just for informative purpose. It is always advisable to consult a doctor before following any diet plan for weight loss.