New Delhi: Many people complain that they are eating less but not losing weight. A few others say they are exercising but not losing weight on scales and if you are one of them then you need to take a closer look at it and find the reasons.

Walia Murshida Huda, Senior Wellness Consultant at Healthians and Angeli Misra, co-founder of Lifeline Laboratory, shared possible reasons why you are not losing weight .

* Diet lacks a healthy mix: Weight loss diet must be a mix of all essential nutrients while limiting calorie rich foods.

* Binge eating: Depriving of food and then overindulging in unhealthy foods can disturb the hormone balance.

* Eating more after a workout: After exercising, some feel hungrier and end up consuming more calories than losing.

* Hypothyroidism: People who have sluggish thyroid or hypothyroidism do not lose weight easily.

* PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease): Due to hormonal imbalance, the body increases in weight and it becomes difficult to lose weight.

* Stress: People who are stressed find it difficult to lose weight due to the increased secretion of stress hormone cortisol and stress eating.

* Sitting more and moving less at work: Exercising regularly is good, but being physically inactive for long hours may also affect the weight loss regime.

* High blood sugar levels: High blood sugar levels can affect your weight loss regime.

* Alcohol - Drinking alcohol in excess causes problems in weight loss. One reason is that alcohol itself adds to the calorie intake.

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* Over focused: Being focused on the target is good, but being over focused may be harmful as it might make you feel hungrier and increase the craving for junk food to make up for the lost energy.

* Less muscle mass: People who have less muscle mass will find it difficult to lose weight, they have to first build muscle before they can lose weight.

* Some medications: Some hormonal medications, anti- depressants and anti-allergic can cause problems in losing weight.