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Exercise along with a proper diet is the best way to keep you slim and fit but people often complain that despite working hard for hours at gym, they either don't get the result they want or they just fail to lose weight. Besides, some fail to lose weight even after following a strict diet chart.

Here we have come up with some important points that are likely to be preventing you from shedding the extra kilos.

There are certain habits that helps accelerate your weight loss process. If you will follow these habits, your all efforts may not go in vain.

The common problem that is seen among most of us is excess fat in and around the belly. If you are desperate to get rid of that stubborn belly fat belly, here are the things you must avoid from today:

Sleep- Proper Sleep is Important

Proper sleep plays a key role in burning extra fats present in and around the belly. Less and insufficient sleep led to the formation of ghrelin hormone in the body which triggers the feeling of hunger and leads to over eating. Hence, it's advisable to avoid caffeine before bed time and sleep for 7 to 9 hours in night.

Calorie Intake- Needs to be Properly Checked

Burning calories is an important aspect to curb belly fat. You should be cautious in choosing proper food after your regular workout. It's advisable to include such food in the diet which can provide you more energy with limited calories.

Exercise- Important to Note If You are Doing Right

Doing whatever come to your way will not help you achieve your goal. You should avoid choosing exercise blindly. Doing irrelevant exercise is just a wastage of time and effort with no positive outcomes. It is advisable to consult a trainer before practicing any particular exercise. You should do those exercise which can help to cut down belly fat.

Stress Factor- This Discourage in all Aspects

Maintaining peace of mind is necessary when you are trying to lose weight. Excess stress stimulates formation of cortisol in the body which  increases fat accumulation in different parts of the body. Besides, when your mind is occupied with thoughts, worries you lose track of following proper diet and consume food of more calories. You should get yourself indulge in meditation, yoga to develop mental peace.

Eating Habits- Are You Eating Right

Unhealthy eating habits Less calorie intake food will go waste if your diet is loaded with processed food. Processed food contains fat which increases belly fat. Hence, your diet should contain vegetables that will provide nutrients to your body and will contribute towards weight management.