Somatirtha Purohit

Be it online or offline business, each and every businessman needs a godown. A warehouse is essential for online business as the merchants or traders do not have a specific space to store their products. Even offline traders need such stockrooms to keep their products safe.

Having a Vastu compliant warehouse or godown can help usher good results in term of better sales, financial growth, name and fame. 

On the contrary, if you fail to implement the tips, it may bring negative results like theft, loss, and may lead to poverty or bankruptcy.

In this article, we will extensively discuss on Vastu tips and remedies for godown.

Vastu for godown

According to Vastu scriptures, the best place to build the godown outside the house is the South-West corner. If there is shortage of space outside the house, South-West corner of the house can be used as storehouse.

Size of godown

The godown or a storehouse area must be regular in shape. Its length and breadth should be lesser than the main house if the storehouse is outside the house. The entrance of the godown should be built on South or South-east direction. 

What to avoid

  • Do not store water in the warehouse

  • Walls of the storehouse should be built properly, water should not enter inside the godown

  • No one should sleep at storehouse

  • Keeping idols of Gods and Goddesses in the warehouse is strictly prohibited