Mrunal Manmay Dash

A lot of people these days want to have every luxury in life. At the same time, they are now seeking advice from experts to overcome every dosha as per Vastu Shastra. Most of the houses are now being constructed as per the rules of Vastu Shastra so that they gain maximum benefit from staying in their dream home which most people build once in a lifetime.

A room which is used to keep various kinds of necessary/useful things in any house basically is called a Bhandar House.

Store room (Bhandar Ghar) is one of the most important parts of a house. We spend a major chunk of our time arranging and rearranging the store room. Whenever we buy a new thing for our house, the store room is opened. Store rooms are usually made depending on the location of a house. But it can lead to both positive and negative energy based on its direction.

Tips to ensure the right Vastu for store room:

  • The north-west side of the house is the best place for storage

  • There will be no shortage of food if there is a storehouse in the north-west

  • The wall cupboard of the storage house should be in south-west direction

  • It is better to make the door of the store room to the west or south

  • Empty containers should not be seen in the storehouse

  • Place an idol or picture of Laxminarayan on the east wall of the treasury

  • The everyday food items should be placed in the north-west direction

  • Place a vessel full of water in the east or north-east corner of the barn. Never let the water in this container dry up.

  • The colour of the store room should be yellow, white or blue