Cassian Baliarsingh

If you are planning to construct a new house or a new staircase in your house, it is very important to follow basic Vastu tips.

Though it might be difficult to ensure that everything in the house is Vastu compliant, it is very important to choose the right direction, location, color, format and shape to ensure positivity and happiness in each and every corner of a house. 

Following Vastu tips will ensure the right flow of positive energy into a house. No one can deny the connection between good vibes and the art of Vastu in a home. So, it is very important to build every corner of a house as per Vastu tips.

In this article, we will extensively discuss on Vastu tips required to follow while constructing a staircase in your house. 

Follow these 11 tips if you are building a staircase in your house:- 

  • You can construct a staircase anywhere in the house except the (north-east) corner or north-east direction.

  • The stairs should be made only either facing east-west or north-south direction.

  • Even if you are constructing the stairs outside your house, it should not be attached to the boundary wall or the north or east wall of the main building.

  • Make sure to build the stairs from left to right direction.

  • Never make the first step of a staircase in circle shape. It is better to make it rectangular. 

  • The number of steps should be such a number that when divided by 3, the final part will be 2

  • Never construct any room below the staircase.

  • It is not permissible to build a staircase in the middle of the house

  • There will be lack of wealth in the house, if the stairs is placed in the north-east corner or in the north-east direction. This will lead to loss in wealth, loss of health and the domination of women will increase.

  • The stairs can also be built in the south-east corner or south-east corner but it should not touch the south-east wall.

  • Closets, lockers, etc. should not be placed under the seat.