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For photographers, Instagram is the preferred platform. It's a lovely social media site where people can share videos and photos. Following other users, viewing and commenting on their content, creating a profile, and uploading content are just a few of the advantages of using Instagram. If you want to be a better photographer, here are five Instagram filters you can try.

1. Clarendon

This filter is great for portraits because it adds details to the lighter and darker areas in the details. Furthermore, the filter provides a cooler tone in terms of saturation, making the image visually appealing.

2. Juno

In contrast to Clarendon, this Instagram filter will provide a slightly warmer tone by incorporating more primary colours such as reds and yellows. If you enjoy photographing landscapes, rain, and cities, this filter will help you stand out from the crowd.

3. Ludwig

This Instagram filter is ideal for abstract photography because it reduces the yellows, greens, cyans, blues, and magentas, allowing you to focus more on the blacks and whites. It does, however, intensify the red colour and emphasise the contrast between highlights and shadows.

4. Lark

This is the one for you if you enjoy nature photography. Whether you're taking a low-light or high-exposure photograph, using this filter and adjusting it via scale will result in a stunning image. The main benefit of the filter, however, is that it can increase exposure in your photos by decreasing saturating colours.

5. X-Pro II

One of the oldest Instagram filters adds a strong vignette and dramatically increases the visibility of shadows, making the image appear chemically produced. This filter can improve the quality of photos taken at events.

There are over 40 Instagram filters that can be useful to both amateur and professional photographers - the difficult part is deciding which one to use. You can start with these one and gradually move to more advanced filters.