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Wild bears roaming in Nabarangpur town since 15 days! Panic grips locals

Nabarangpur: Incidents of wild animals straying into human settlements have raised serious concerns. Two wild bears found roaming in Jamal colony of the district have been spreading panic among local residents. The wild animals have reportedly been roaming in the area since past 15 days. Locals allege that despite drawing attention of the Forest Department, […]

Elephants damage crops in Nilagiri

Balasore: People of Nilagiri in Balasore district are surviving with immense fear as a herd of wild elephants has been frequently straying into human habitations damaging massive crops and property. Moreover, this constant fear has forced the villagers of Kuldiha and Mangad under Baunsabania panchayat to spend the whole night on treetop houses to guard […]

Fear of breakup may end your romantic relationship: Study

London: Is the fear of breaking up with your partner haunting you? According to a research, the level of fear may influence the romance and commitment, thereby either boosting your relationship further or ending it. The study, conducted by researchers from Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Italy, stated that when a couple is made aware that […]

niali sheep deaths
Niali sheep death: Mysterious animal returns; 3 sheep killed, 2 injured

Cuttack: The legend of the mysterious animal that had killed over thousand sheep across Odisha has returned to haunt the State again. And it has started its killing spree from the same place where it had all begun, Niali in Cuttack district, by killing three sheep and injuring two. As per reports, three sheep of […]

Andrew Garfield searched for true self with mushrooms

London: Actor Andrew Garfield took hallucinogenic mushrooms to go “to the depths” and find his “true self”. The “Hacksaw Ridge” actor wanted to go “to the depths” and beyond the “hell of being a human” to find answers within himself, reports femalefirst.co.uk. He said: “(It was about) going to the depths, past what you call […]

Researchers identify 27 states of emotion

San Francisco: A new study challenges a long-held assumption in psychology that most human emotions fall within the universal categories of happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear and disgust. Using statistical models to analyse the responses of 853 men and women, who are demographically diverse, to 2,185 emotionally evocative video clips, University of California, Berkeley, researchers […]

Panic-stricken Niali farmers keeping livestock inside homes

Niali: An eerie emptiness has engulfed the cowsheds and stables in Niali area which has seen more than 100 sheep being killed by a mysterious animal, and panic-stricken farmers are now sheltering their livestock inside their homes. The headache for Sudarsan Behera, a farmer from Khulisa village after losing 3 sheep from a herd of […]

niali sheep deaths
Niali fear spreads to Jagatsinghpur; 9 sheep killed, 4 injured

Bhubaneswar: While the killing of sheep at Niali in Cuttack district continues with the death of one more sheep, another such incident has been reported at Alipingala in Jagatsinghpur district where nine sheep were killed on Thursday. The incident has sent shockwaves in Jagatsinghpur as Niali fear continues unabated with fresh sheep deaths being reported […]

Niali fear: One more sheep killed in Pokharigaon

Cuttack: Even as the Forest officials have intensified ‘vigil’ in several areas in Niali, the ‘mysterious animal’ reportedly killed one more sheep at Pokharigaon area last night. The fresh killing has once again come as a major setback for the forest department as the locals have now demanded for urgent measures to trap the animal […]