Costly pulses make Mahaprasad bland

Bhubaneswar/Puri: The skyrocketing prices of pulses have hit hard the devotees coming to Sri Jagannath temple in Puri who feel blessed with having the ‘Mahaprasad’.

Pulses-based items in the ‘Mahaprasad’ have soared by one and half times than earlier. Be it Dal or Dalma or Meetha Dal, pilgrims are finding it difficult to get a small earthen pot-filled pulses-based item due to exorbitant price.

Barely a week later, the auspicious month Kartik will begin when thousand of devotees will throng the religious town to observe ‘Kartik brata’ and have the ‘Mahaprasad’.

Sources said the soaring prices of pulses are going to put the devotees in awkward position.

Similar scene can be seen at the Anant Basudev Mandir in Old Bhubaneswar which is famous for its abhada bhog.

Cost a ‘Choota Dalama’ kudua or earthen pot has jumped to Rs 30 from Rs 20. While the price of the ‘Nirasa Kudua’ has increased to Rs 400 from Rs 300, the ‘Bada Mathahandi Dalama’ is being provided at Rs 800 instead of Rs 600.

At the Anant Basudev Mandir, the abhada bhog is cooked for around 3,000 people every day.