Bhubaneswar: Section 144 clamped after group clash

Bhubaneswar: Section 144 was clamped in Sarakantara, Jadupur and Raghunath Nagar on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar after a group clash over a road accident turned violent leaving 12 persons injured.

According to sources, a group clash ensued after a youth from Sarakantara was hit by a motorcyclist belonging to Jadupur near Mumtaz Ali High School. After the accident led to an altercation between the motorcyclist and the victim, locals from Sarakantara thrashed the motorcyclist.

In a retaliatory move, locals from Jadupur then roughed up a boy from Sarakantara besides ransacking shops in Raghunath Nagar. Soon, the incident flared up and palpable tension was observed between the three groups belonging to Sarakantara, Jadupur and Raghunath Nagar.
In a bid to restore law and order, Bhubaneswar DCP Satyabrata Bhoi, along with cops from the local police station, rushed to the spot. According to police sources, 6 platoons of police have been deployed to keep the situation under control.