Smart city public toilets soon in Google Map

Bhubaneswar: To facilitate tourists and visitors coming to the capital city as well as the commuters, the Quality Council of India (QCI) in collaboration with the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has initiated measures to include BMC public toilets in the Google road map.

The Corporation informed that starting December people will be able to locate and avail the features of BMC toilets set up in different areas of the city as part of the Centre’s Swacchh Bharat Campaign.

Sources said the process of uploading maps and locations of BMC toilets in Google maps has already started.

People using smart phones can avail the facility with the help of Google map app where they will have to type ‘Swacchh public toilet’ in the search option.

The app will then show all nearest public BMC toilets located within two km radius along with facts and features, showing which BMC ward has how many toilets, the opening and closing times and the amount required to use those.

Smart city Bhubaneswar currently has 33 public toilets with 346 seats, 48 community toilets with 648 seats and 27 project toilets with 154 seats respectively. The facility is also available at various parks, shopping malls, cinema halls and some important junctions, government hospitals, railway stations, bus terminals.

BMC Mayor Ananta Narayan Jena said,” The BMC website provides information regarding location of the toilets on the main roads, near railway station and airport and other densely populated places. Bhubaneswar covers nearly 200 sq km area and the toilet facility will be provided and setup at all places including the outskirts of the city.”

Jena further informed that funds have been provided to build toilets in every house of slums in the city.