Karnataka political wrangle fuels what-if speculations in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: The wrangle for power in Karnataka is at its nail-biting best. No matter how much one reads into the script, the plot that unfolds leaves even the best poll analysts surprised. No wonder, such high drama has also triggered speculations as to what if Odisha ends up in a Karnataka-like situation of a hung assembly. Such speculations were triggered by the chairman of the campaign committee of Odisha Congress, Bhakta Das, who in an interview to a national media stated that in a Karnataka-like situation there is high likelihood that there will be an alliance between the Congress and the ruling-BJD. As BJD is a secular party, it will never join hands with BJP and will go with Congress, Bhakta opined and going even a step further said that if his party is able to get more than 50 seats, then the newly-appointed president of Odisha Congress, Niranjan Patnaik will be the CM.

However, Bhakta Das slightly twisted his statements today.

Hope Congress will form the government in Odisha in 2019. If after the elections, it doesn’t happen, then only time will tell what kind of arrangement will be made between like-minded parties. And we will take a decision which is time-appropriate

Congress leader Bhakta Das

“The BJD is keeping an alert eye on Congress and all other anti-BJP parties. Overall, a decision is taken keeping in mind the situation in hand,” said Odisha Finance minister, Sashibhushan Behera.

“There is a direct relationship between the Congress and the BJD. The chairman of the campaign committee of Odisha Congress has just made it official. The Congress has made it clear that BJP will have the most number of legislators in Odisha in 2019,” said Odisha BJP’s general secretary, Bhrugu Buxipatra.

On the other hand, senior BJD leader Damodar Rout today dropped a bomb saying that BJP has paid advance money to around 40-50 ruling-party leaders, who will support the saffron party if they are elected in 2019. However, such a strategy of BJP to break the ruling party will not work, stated Rout.

BJP is giving ‘advances.’ They are targeting 40-50 leaders so that if these leaders win under BJD in 2019, they will go and support the BJP. There is no guarantee that those 40-50 leaders will win or even get tickets

Former Minister Damodar Rout

Responding to Rout’s comments, Odisha BJP spokesperson, Sajjan Sharma said “People for whom power is everything are worried. They are scared of the possibility of losing power or a BJP win.”