BJD chocking voice of Opposition: BJP

Bhubaneswar: The BJP today said the adjournment of the State Assembly sine die ahead of the schedule had made it amply clear the ruling BJD government is trying to muzzle the voice of the Opposition.

“The State Assembly is considered the temple of democracy. The duty of the Opposition is to seek clarification from the government on issues relating to the problems of the people of the state. We had sought replies from the chief minister on various issues. But he behaved like an escapist by not giving any answer to our questions. We would have certainly welcomed him had he given his reply in the State Assembly. Instead, he preferred to give his statement outside the Assembly in an irresponsible manner showing his sheer audacity,” leader of the BJP Legislature Party, Basant Panda told media persons here.

Asked to comment on the statement of the chief minister given outside the State Assembly yesterday, that there is a competition between the Congress and the BJP as to who would remain in the second position next to the BJD, Panda said there is no competition between the BJP and the Congress. “Both the Opposition parties have performed their duties while the ruling party has insulted the State Assembly and the Opposition as well by taking a suo motu decision to adjourn the Assembly sine die,” he maintained.

To a question on the all-party meeting convened by the Speaker to end the stalemate in the Assembly, the BJP leader said the Opposition always tried for a solution to an issue. “But the ruling party, leave alone solving the issue, made it clear that it is not going to give any reply to the queries of the Opposition and even asked the Opposition to agree to their stand which, I think, is not a healthy tradition in democracy,” he pointed out.

Countering the statement of the chief minister that the Opposition did not cooperate in the smooth running of the House, Panda said why the chief minister, who gave this statement to the media, did not give the same statement in the Assembly? “If had the guts, he would have given his statement in the Assembly. As he has no respect for the Assembly, he preferred to give his statement outside the Assembly,” he claimed.

Panda said the being the second Opposition, BJP had tried its best to highlight major issues like chit fund scam, links of minister Sanjay Dasburma with the chit fund companies, refund of money to the duped investors and the statement of the chairman of Chit Fund Commission of Inquiry, Justice MM Das in a BJD sponsored event. But the ruling government, instead of giving reply to any of these issues, adjourned the State Assembly four days before its scheduled closure.

“The manner in which the BJD adjourned the State Assembly, the people of the state would give a fitting reply to it in the coming days,” he added.