All 3 BJD Rajya Sabha candidates are crorepatis!

Bhubaneswar: All three BJD candidates who filed their nominations for the ensuing Rajya Sabha elections today, are crorepatis as per the affidavits submitted by them.

As per the affidavit filed by N Bhaskar Rao, his movable and immovable properties are valued at Rs 29,84,80,000 crore and Rs 3,52,68,000 crore respectively. Besides, the movable and immovable properties of his wife are worth Rs 2.66 crore and Rs 76,53,000 respectively.

The movable and immovable properties of Prasanna Acharya is Rs 4,47,33,000 and Rs 80,91,000 respectively.

The affidavit Bishnu Das states that his movable property is valued at Rs 1.09 crore while his immovable property is worth Rs 13,73,000.