Bhubaneswar: The sixth day of Navratri also known as Maha Sasthi is being celebrated at various puja pandals across the State with all COVID19 restrictions in place on Thursday.

Abiding by all COVID19 protocols, the millennium city of Cuttack will perform the 'pratishta' of the idols of Goddess Durga sans the participation of the devotees.

The ‘Bela Barani’ ritual will take place in the evening. Following this event ‘Chakshu Daan’ ceremonials will take place.

The display of gold and silver embellishments at the pandals has been done away with due to security reasons. Besides, puja committee members are of the view that such tableaus or golden crowns won’t look good in the small idols, which have been created this year as per the Orissa High Court guidelines in view of the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Apart from the Durga idol, all the other deities including Ganesh, Kartik, Laxmi and Saraswati who flank her will also not be decorated with any gold/silver ornaments.

Firingi Bazar Puja Committee member said, “Rituals for ‘Kalpa Bata’ will start from 9.27 AM. Following ‘Kalpa Bata’, ‘Bela Barani’ rituals will be performed where we will bring ‘Kala Bohu’ from the river. Then ‘Naba Patika Prabesha’ rituals will be performed.”

“After ‘Naba Patika Prabesha’, ‘Shuddhi’ process of the mandap will take place. Thereafter, Maa Durga will have a ceremonial bath and then ‘Chakshu Daan’ ceremony will be performed.” the committee member added.

(Edited By Rashmi Ranjan Mohanty)

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